Thomas Keydel a Certified Financial coach, Graduate of Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, and trained by CRR Global (Global Center for Right Relationship), has also worked as conflict mediator in the Massachusetts District Courts. Conflict transforms lives because it provides opportunities to revisit our assumptions. Revisiting our assumptions in the decision-making process is the power of Zanshin.

Self-Help | Self-Exploration

Everyone experiences indecision. Here is a book to help you do something about that.

Author Tom Keydel provides a Zanshin approach, which offers a relaxed state of heightened awareness when making decisions. Being zanshin opens up a middle path that allows you to find the power that is inside your decisions. In discovering how to make decisions from this new place of internal power, you become more than you have allowed yourself to be and you free yourself from the pain of indecision.

By becoming zanshin, you are able to bring forward your best and highest self, and can now contribute to the world in new and greater ways. And you just simply feel happier.

A quintessential book on human potential.

ZANSHIN: Finding the Power Inside Your Decisions will give you a lot to think about and a lot to practice.


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